Terms & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) set out the legal relationship between Stix and the Customer and are the basis upon which Stix will provide the Service and associated equipment to the Customer.

These terms and conditions replace all previous versions and were updated on 28th January 2022.


1.1       Northern Fibre is a brand of Stix Internet Limited (Stix). Stix is an independent Internet Service Provider.  We are a limited company whose registered office address is Permanent House, 1 Dundas Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 2EX.  Our company number is 11030746.

1.2       Stix provides internet access packages and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone lines to domestic Customers and business Customers.  Full details of the Services provided by Stix can be found on its websites www.stixinternet.co.uk and www.northernfibre.co.uk.

1.3       The Customer accepts the T&Cs upon ticking the “I accept the Terms & Conditions” box on the Application for the Provision of Internet Services form.  Where it is not possible for the order process to be completed online, the T&Cs will be provided to the Customer and the Customer accepts the T&Cs when requesting that Stix provide the Services.

Nothing in these T&Cs affects the customer’s statutory rights.

 1.4      Your agreement:

(a) starts when we accept your first order for a Service from us and ends as set out in clause 5; and

(b) consists of these customer T&C’s and any applicable service terms and conditions.

1.5       In these T&Cs, unless the context states, or requires otherwise, the following meanings apply:


Application for the Provision of Internet Services – means the online registration form available on the Northern Fibre website (also available in hard copy by requesting this from Stix).

Business Day - means a day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday in the United Kingdom.

Contract – means the agreement between Stix and the Customer and incorporates these T&Cs, the information given on the Stix Application for the Provision of Internet Services and the terms of the Package.

Content – means data, information, video, graphics, sound, music, photographs and any other material (in any form) which may be made available to the Customer via the internet through the provision of the Services.

The Customer – means the person or business that enters into the Contract with Stix for the provision of the Services.

Devices – means equipment used by the Customer to view the internet, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets etc.

The Installation Address – means the address to which the Services are provided.

The Installation Process – means the process and time taken to install the Stix Owned Equipment required for the provision of the Service.

Monthly Payment Amount – means the amount payable of the 12 month Contract (the “Minimum Period”) to Stix by the Customer on a monthly rolling basis for the Package selected by the Customer.  Full details of the Packages and the associated costs can be found on the Northern Fibre website (www.northernfibre.co.uk).

Package – means the Services package selected by the Customer.  The different packages which are available and the associated costs can be found on the Northern Fibre website (www.northernfibre.co.uk).  The Customer will select the Package that most suits their needs before the Services commence.

Payment Date – means the date upon which the monthly payment is due to Stix from the Customer.  Unless otherwise agreed, this will usually commence three days after the provision of the Service commences, with subsequent monthly payments to be made on the same day of each month thereafter.

The Service / Services – means the provision of internet access and/or VOIP  telephone lines by Stix to the Customer.

Stix or We/Us/Our – means Stix Internet Limited.

Stix Owned Equipment – means any equipment provided to the Customer or otherwise to facilitate the provision of the Services which remains the property of Stix; this includes but is not limited to fibre, handover box, or equipment within the property such as optical network terminal and router.  Where the Customer has purchased any equipment, this ceases to be Stix Owned Equipment.

Survey – means a site visit by Stix to the Customer’s property to ascertain the technical needs to allow the provision of the Service.

T&Cs – means the terms and conditions contained in this document.



2.1       To enter into the Contract with Stix for the provision of the Services, the Customer must be:

2.1.1    18, or over;

2.1.2    a resident of the United Kingdom; and

2.1.3    the occupier of the Installation Address.

2.2       We may:

(i) ask for proof of identity and address; and

(ii) carry out credit and identity checks on you.

2.3       In order to request the Services, the Customer must fully complete the Provision of Internet Service Form on the Northern Fibre website.  Alternatively, where the customer is unable to request the Services in this way, substitute methods can be made available to the Customer by Stix.  The Customer must make clear if the provision of the Services is for domestic or business use during the Ordering Process. We try to complete orders as soon as possible but delays may occur, which we’ll tell you about as soon as we can.

2.4       The information provided by the Customer during The Ordering Process and throughout the Customer’s dealings with Stix must be accurate and true.

2.5       Upon receipt of the request for Services from the Customer, Stix will consider the request and contact the Customer to confirm if it considers that it is able to provide the Services to the Customer (which it will usually be if the Customer lives in an area to which Stix provides coverage and is subject to a Survey). Some Services (or certain parts) may not be available to you (e.g. if you fall outside the reach  of, or are not connected to, our network, the Services at your location don’t meet our minimum performance requirements, we consider it too difficult to provide you with the Services (which we’ll usually determine after completing a site survey) or if you try to use a device abroad). We’ll tell you if this applies to you.

2.7       If we transfer your Service from or to another provider, you may experience a temporary loss of your Services.

2.8       If you ask us to port your telephone number from or to another provider, we’ll try to do this wherever possible. If we can’t, we’ll tell you your options.



3.1       Prior to commencement of the Service, it may be necessary for various Stix Owned Equipment to be fitted at the Installation Address.

3.2         Prior to installation, Stix will conduct a Survey at the Installation Address.  The purpose of the survey is to establish if the installation of the necessary equipment will be a standard or non-standard installation.  A person who is over 18 and able to make decisions on behalf of the Customer must be present when Stix conducts the Survey and installs the Stix Owned Equipment.

3.4         In the event that it is determined that the installation will be a non-standard installation, Stix will provide details of the cost of the non-standard installation, which is payable by the Customer in advance of installation (unless otherwise agreed by Stix) if the Customer wishes to proceed.  Any non-standard installation fee is non-refundable.

3.5       The Customer is required to take good care of the Stix Owned Equipment.  Where the Stix Owned Equipment is damaged by the Customer, Stix reserves the right to charge the Customer for repair or replacement pursuant to clause 8.8.



4.1       In the case of both domestic and business Customers, you have a right to cancel the Contract within 28 days of commencement of the Contract for any reason (“the cooling off period”). Any money paid for the Services will be refunded.  Clause 13.8 also applies in these circumstances in respect of the retrieval of Stix Owned Equipment.  In order to cancel the Services, the Customer must provide notice to Stix using the following contact details:

Email:              hello@northernfibre.co.uk

Post:             Stix Internet Limited, Unit 4 Linfit Court, Colliers Way, Clayton West, Huddersfield, HD8 9WL

Where the contact details change, they will be updated on the Northern Fibre website.



5.1       The Contract commences when the following conditions have been met (and will therefore usually be the date when condition 5.1.4 has been completed):

5.1.1     The Customer has completed the Provision of Internet Services Form and selected the Package that they require; and

5.1.2    The Customer has set up a direct debit via Go Cardless, or another payment method has been agreed at the discretion of Stix; and

5.1.3    The Survey and Installation Process have been completed; and

5.1.4    The Service has been connected and configured (the “Go Live Date”).The Contract then operates as a Minimum Period starting from your Go Live Date as a 12 month Contract on a monthly rolling basis (unless otherwise agreed between the Customer and Stix) and can be ended as detailed at clause 13.

5.2       Pursuant to clause 5.1, you may be charged a fee to compensate us for our losses if you end the Service before the end of that Minimum Period.

5.3       If we agree to renew or upgrade any Service, a new Minimum Period may apply from the date of your renewal or upgrade. We’ll tell you if this is the case.



6.1       If you agree to an engineer visit, someone over 18 must be present.

6.2       We may charge a fee if:

(a) the engineer can’t complete their inspection as they can’t access the property or equipment; or

(b) on inspection:

(i) the property or your equipment is unsafe;

(ii) we determine that no fault exists; or

(iii) we reasonably believe a fault was caused by you, your equipment or your property; or

(c) we have to undertake work over and above what we would usually carry out (e.g. we have to move your telephone master socket or, you don’t consent to this work, and we can’t provide the relevant Service).

6.3       If you ask us to upgrade a Service, but don’t consent to necessary engineering work, you’ll stay on your current Service.

6.4       You may re-schedule an installation visit once without incurring a fee as long as you tell us by any deadline we give you. If you cancel an installation visit, we may charge a fee, which we’ll tell you about before you cancel.

6.5       If we need to cancel or change the time of an engineer visit, we’ll give you as much notice as we can.

6.6       If we perform engineering work at your property, we won’t reverse this work when your Services end.



7.1       The Customer agrees to pay the Monthly Payment Amount on the Payment Date each month. The Monthly Payment Amount is payable to Stix by the Customer monthly in advance.

7.2       The first Payment Date commences three days after the Go Live Date, with subsequent monthly Payment Dates falling due on the same day of installation each month thereafter – i.e. if the Go Live Date is on the 15th of March, the first monthly Payment Date is the 18th of March, with subsequent Monthly Payment Dates being the 15th of each month thereafter.

7.3       Each year a price increase may be applied to your Monthly Payment Amount. We’ll tell you when the price increase applies for each Service. The increase will be rounded to the nearest penny and will be calculated by multiplying your existing Monthly Payment Amount by the combined percentage figure of both:

(a)        the Consumer Price Index rate figure published by the Office for National Statistics in January of the relevant year (but not including any negative rates); and

(b)        4.5%.

7.4        We normally send invoices in advance.  Charges for periods of less than a month are calculated on a pro-rata basis.

7.5       If you don’t pay any undisputed part of your bill by the due date, we may:

(a) charge a reasonable administration fee or interest on the overdue amount at 4% a year above the base rate of The Bank of England from time to time. Interest shall accrue daily from the due date to the date of actual payment, whether before or after a court judgment; and

(b) notify credit reference agencies of your non-payment.

7.6       At the end of a Service, all outstanding sums and any cancellation charges, including those we may incur from a third party for disconnecting your Service, will become immediately due and payable.



8.1       The Services provided by Stix allow the Customer to access the internet and where applicable, have a VOIP telephone line.  The Services are solely for the Customer and their household (in the case of a domestic Customer), or solely for the use of the Customer and their employees at the Installation Address (in the case of a business Customer).  In the event that the Customer takes the Services as a domestic Customer, the Services must not be used for business.  For the avoidance of doubt, working from home does not constitute business use for the purposes of this Contract.

8.2        Stix also provides Stix Owned Equipment to allow the Customer to access the internet.  The Customer is responsible for how they use this equipment and the Services.

8.3       The Customer is responsible for providing their own Devices to view Contents.

8.4        Stix will provide the Services to the Customer with reasonable skill and care and will make all reasonable effort to ensure that the Customer’s bandwidth is accurate relative to the Package selected by the Customer.  However, due to the nature of the Services and equipment used to provide it, Stix can’t guarantee that it will be available all the time.

8.5        Where faults occur, Stix will correct reported faults with Stix Owned Equipment and/or the Services as soon as it reasonably can.  Where a fault develops, the Customer must advise Stix as soon as possible using the following contact details:

Email:              hello@northernfibre.co.uk

Telephone:      01484 937827

Where the contact details change, they will be updated on the Stix website.

8.6        Where a fault with the Stix network results in a complete failure of the Services and Stix are unable to repair the fault within 3 Business Days from the date that it is reported by the Customer, the Customer’s account will be credited for each day that the Service is unavailable.  The cost of each days Service will be calculated as follows: Monthly Payment Amount multiplied by 12, divided by 365.  A “complete failure of the Services” means an uninterrupted inability of the Customer to access the internet and (where applicable) make or receive VOIP calls using the Stix network.  Where the fault is reported by the Customer after 5pm, or on a weekend, or Bank Holiday, the fault will be classed as reported at 9am on the next Business Day.

8.7       Where a fault occurs, Stix will repair, or replace any faulty Stix Owned Equipment at no cost to the Customer, unless clause 8.8 applies.

8.8         Pursuant to clause 8.7, to the extent a fault occurs due to the Customer’s misuse of the Stix Owned Equipment, or due to the Customer’s negligence, and/or there is any damage to any Stix Owned Equipment howsoever arising, no refund and/or credit will be given to the Customer in respect of the resulting downtime and/or disturbances to the Service and Stix reserves the right to charge the following to the Customer:

8.8.1    Reasonable costs of repair and/or replacement of the Stix Owned Equipment and/or any other remedial work required as a result of the fault/damage; and

8.8.2    An administration fee of £25.00.

8.9        Stix may temporarily suspend the Service in the case of an emergency, or for operational reasons, maintenance or improvements.  Where suspension of the Service is necessary, where practicable, Stix will give as much notice to the Customer as is possible in the circumstances.

8.10      Stix may from time to time, vary the technical specification of the Service, or alter any code or number associated with the Service.  Stix will give the Customer as much notice of any such changes as is reasonably practicable, where such changes can affect the Customer’s Service.

8.11     The Services provided by Stix allow the Customer to access the internet.  The internet is separate to the Services and use of the internet is at the Customer’s own risk and is subject to any applicable laws.  Stix cannot take responsibility for any goods, services, information, photographs, media content, software or any other materials and/or content uploaded, downloaded or otherwise obtained or viewed by the Customer via the internet.

8.12      The Customer is only permitted to use Stix Owned Equipment to connect to the Stix network.

8.13      All content and/or any other material which is provided to the Customer during the provision of the Services is for the Customer’s own use and the Customer must not copy, change or publish the material or supply it to any other person for any purpose, unless the Customer has first obtained express written consent from Stix.

8.14     Stix and our suppliers own all intellectual property rights associated with the provision of the Services and none of these rights are transferred to the Customer by their use of the Service.



9.1       You agree that in order to provide a Service to you we can:

(a) install, keep and use any necessary equipment or Stix Owned Equipment at your home;

(b) enter your premises (or the boundary of your property as the case may be) for the connection, maintenance, modification, replacement or removal of any such equipment; and

(c) if applicable, connect remotely to any such equipment to manage, repair or upgrade it.

9.2       We only provide the equipment we tell you we’ll provide. Other equipment may be available from us at an additional cost. If you want to buy such equipment, we’ll confirm the price when you order.

9.3       We’re only responsible for, and can only support, equipment provided by us during the period of the applicable contract with us. We can’t guarantee that the Services will work with other equipment and certain equipment may be restricted to use only on our network or with a certain package offer. We will tell you if this is the case.

9.4       You must inspect all equipment on receipt and tell us about any issues within 30 days. We’ll tell you what to do next. If we ask you to return equipment, you must do so within 30 days of our request.

9.5       We may ask you to install certain equipment yourself, in which case we’ll send you instructions. If you can’t, or don’t want to do this yourself, we’ll send an engineer if you ask for one. Other equipment needs to be installed by an engineer. We’ll tell you if this applies. We may charge for these engineer visits, which we’ll tell you about before the visit.

9.6        If you need, or are required, to return any equipment to us, you’re responsible for this equipment until we receive it. If we don’t receive it, we may charge you for it.

9.7       You may not connect equipment to our network that may harm it or other customers’ equipment or services. If you do, you must immediately disconnect it, or allow us to, at your expense.



10.1       In order to access the Services, the Customer will be issued with a set of unique passwords and usernames (collectively known as “Security Information”).  The Customer must keep the Security Information safe and not share it with anyone.

10.2       The Customer must inform Stix immediately if they suspect that there is/has been a security breach and/or that their security information has become compromised.

10.3       If the Customer fails to keep the Security Information safe and/or fails to inform Stix of a security breach within a reasonable period of time, the Customer is liable for the any losses suffered by Stix and/or any reasonable costs incurred by Stix in remedying any issues caused by the breach.  No refund and/or credit will be given to the Customer in respect of any resulting downtime and/or disturbances to the Service.

10.4       The Customer acknowledges and accepts that sharing The Security Information and/or any other security breaches may adversely affect the speed of their connection and may result in their connection being “bumped off” if another user accesses the internet using their Security Information.

10.5       In the event that Stix has reason to believe that there is/has been a breach of security and/or suspects that the Services are being misused, Stix may suspend the Customer’s Services and/or change the Customer’s Security Information.

10.6       The Customer must notify Stix immediately of any changes in the Customer’s details, including but not limited to, address and contact information and where relevant, bank details.

10.7       Whilst Stix provides firewall services as part of the Service, the Customer acknowledges that this will not be sufficient to adequately protect the Customer’s devices from malware, viruses and/or any other malicious software which the Customer can become exposed to when accessing the Internet.  The Customer therefore, accepts that they should install reputable and robust anti-virus software on their devices and should ensure that this is kept updated and upgraded where necessary.  The Customer accepts that Stix is not liable for any losses however so arising occasioned by the Customer’s access to and use of the internet.  The Customer also acknowledges that it is their responsibility to back-up copies of documents, photographs etc to prevent the originals being lost in the event that the Customer’s Device becomes corrupted or otherwise compromised.

10.8       If Stix believes that any of the Customer’s Devices have been infected by malware, such as a computer virus, or have tried to gain access to a website which may include malicious material, Stix may take action, such as putting software on its network to prevent the spread of the malware or prevent the Customer’s devices from going onto the malicious website.  This does not however, in any way limit, exclude or replace the Customer’s responsibility for their use of the Services as set out within these T&Cs.



11.1        The Customer must use the Service lawfully and must not use it in any way which breaks any law, regulation, license, code of practice or rule in force at any relevant time.

11.2       The Customer must not use the Service in any way which might detrimentally affect any of the following:

11.2.1    Stix’s systems, networks or servers.

11.2.2    Stix’s security.

11.2.3    Stix’s business, brand, or reputation.

11.2.4    Stix Owned Equipment.

11.2.5    Stix’s other customers’ services, equipment or security.

11.2.6   Anyone else’s business, systems, networks, servers, security, business, brand, reputation, equipment.

11.3       The Customer must not use the Service to send, communicate, knowingly receive, upload, or download any material which is illegal, unlawful, offensive, abusive, indecent, defamatory, obscene, menacing, intended to deceive or in breach of copyright, intellectual property rights, confidence, privacy or any other rights.  Or to intentionally impair or attempt to impair the Services, and/or without authorisation, the operation of any computer, prevent or hinder access to any program or data held in any computer or to impair the operation of any such program or the reliability of any such data.

11.4      The Customer must not use the Service to send or provide any unsolicited advertising or promotional material or to knowingly receive responses to any unsolicited advertising or promotional material sent or provided by the Customer to another party.

11.5       The Customer must immediately inform Stix if any third party makes or threatens to make a claim, or issue legal proceedings relating to the Customer’s use of the Service.

11.6       The Services are provided for the sole use of the Customer.  The Customer may not re-sell, or attempt to re-sell the Service (or any part thereof).



12.1      Where we offer promotions, where one is available, there may be additional terms and conditions that apply, which we’ll tell you about when you order. By taking these promotions, you agree to these additional terms and conditions. With reference to the Project Gigabit promotion which is currently running at the time these T&C’s are being updated, you are obligated to accept (by clicking into the appropriate section) each email received for action in relation to obtaining a connection. Failure to do so may mean you may not benefit from this voucher for your property, and you accordingly expressly agree to this so that we are able to apply for and facilitate the associated voucher on your behalf.




13.1       At any time after the Minimum Period has come to an end, the Contract can be ended by the Customer or by Stix by giving 1 months’ notice to the other party (unless Stix are terminating the Contract under clause 13.4 below).  The Contract and Services will end 1 calendar month after such notice is given.

13.2       The Customer must provide notice to Stix using the following contact details:

Email:              hello@northernfibre.co.uk

Post:               Stix Internet Limited, Unit 4 Linfit Court, Colliers Way, Clayton West, Huddersfield, HD8 9WL

Where the contact details change, they will be updated on the Stix website.

13.3       Stix must provide notice to the Customer using the postal address, or email address held for the Customer.

13.4       In the event that the Customer breaches any of the T&Cs herein, or Stix has reasonable cause to believe that the Customer is breaching, or has breached the T&Cs herein, Stix may, at its absolute discretion, immediately suspend the Services and/or end the Contract.

13.5       In the event that the Service is suspended by Stix in accordance with clause 13.4 above, the Service will remain suspended until Stix is satisfied that the breach has ended and that the Customer will not commit further breaches of the T&Cs.  The Customer will remain liable to pay the Monthly Payment Amount while the Service is suspended.  If the Service is reconnected, the Customer will pay an administration fee of £25.00.

13.6       Any delay by Stix in acting upon a breach of the T&Cs by the Customer will not represent a waiver of the breach, unless Stix confirms such in writing.

13.7       In the event that the Contract is ended, the Customer must pay all payments due under the Minimum Period where still applicable or the Monthly Payment Amount and any other charges which have fallen due to Stix under these T&Cs.

13.8       When the Contract ends, the Customer will be provided with notice of when Stix will attend the Installation Address to collect all Stix Owned Equipment.  The Customer must arrange for someone who is over 18 to be present so that the equipment can be collected.  Where the date provided by Stix is inconvenient to the Customer, the Customer must contact Stix to arrange a mutually convenient date.

13.9     Where Stix have made reasonable efforts to collect the Stix Owned Equipment but have been unable to do this for any reason including (but not limited to):

13.9.1  The Customer not been present at the Installation Address on a pre-notified date; and/or

13.9.2  The Customer failing to contact Stix upon request to arrange a mutually convenient date for collection.

13.9.3  The Stix Owned Equipment no longer being available.

The Customer agrees to pay Stix for the Stix Owned Equipment.



14.1     Stix is not liable to the Customer in contract, tort or otherwise (including liability for negligence) for any loss that is not reasonably foreseeable.

14.2      Except for the charges and/or liabilities expressly referred to in these T&Cs, neither party’s liability to the other (whether in contract, tort, breach of statutory duty, or otherwise) shall exceed the aggregate amount of all charges or Monthly Payment Amounts payable or paid under the Contract in the 12 month period preceding or following (where the claim arises within a Minimum Period) from when the event giving rise to the claim arose.

14.3     The Customer acknowledges that Stix has no control over the information that can be accessed via the Service and that Stix does not routinely examine the way in which the Customer uses the Service and/or the nature of the information and/or accessed and sent and received by the Customer.  As such, Stix excludes all liability of any kind for the transmission and reception of such information.

14.4     Stix is not liable for the actions of others, including, but not limited to other providers of telecommunication or internet services or for faults in, or failures of their networks.

14.5      Stix is not liable to the Customer for any losses caused by something beyond their reasonable control.  This could include things such as lightning, flood, severe weather, fire, explosion, terrorist activities, epidemic, riots, war, anything done by a government or other public authority or strikes or other industrial action.

14.6      Stix is not liable for any losses suffered by the Customer as a result of the Customer breaching the Contract.

14.7     Stix is not liable to the Customer for any loss or damage caused by malware or the unauthorised use of a Service on any of the Customer’s devices.

14.8     Stix is not liable to the Customer for any loss, corruption or a release of data or information.

14.9     Stix is not liable for any failure of safety, security or other alarm systems due to incompatibility with the Service, or a temporary failure of the Service.

14.10   In the event that the Installation Process and/or commencement of the Service are delayed for any reason outside of Stix’s control, Stix are not liable for any resulting losses to the Customer.

14.11   If Stix’s negligence causes death or personal injury, Stix accepts responsibility and there is no limit to their liability.  Stix also accepts liability if it commits fraud, makes fraudulent statements or for any other liability which the law does not allow to Stix to exclude or limit.



15.1      Stix may change the T&Cs which govern the Contract with the Customer at any time by giving 1 months’ notice to the Customer.  This can include changes to the Monthly Payment Amount.

15.2     In the event that any proposed changes to the T&Cs affect the length of the Contract and/or require more than 1 months notice to be given by the Customer to end the Contract, specific agreement will be required from the Customer.

15.3     If Stix changes the Packages that are available and the Package which was selected by the Customer is no longer available, Stix will move the Customer onto the closest equivalent existing Package.  Stix will give the Customer 1 month’s notice of any such change to their Package.

15.4     The Customer may not transfer its rights and/or obligations under this Contract to another party unless Stix has given its explicit consent in writing.


16.1      If you’re moving house and want to continue using the Services, you must tell us at least 30 days before so we can cancel your old service. There may be an additional charge in order to facilitate this change.

16.2      We’ll try our best to transfer the Services but, if we can’t transfer some or all of them, and any are in the Minimum Period, you may have to pay the charges to the end of the Minimum Period.



17.1      Installation of the fibre service, including installation of equipment inside or outside of your premises, may require the consent of others, e.g. a landlord or your neighbour if you share a driveway. You’re responsible for ensuring these consents are obtained before we install, or a third party on our behalf installs, the fibre service, including equipment. If you fail to obtain these consents, we may end your Service or agreement, remove our, or our third party’s, equipment and recover our reasonable costs, e.g. engineer costs.

17.2      Upload and download speeds will depend on various factors, e.g.:

(i) type of connection i.e. wired or wireless;

(ii) capability of your device or computer;

(iii) number of connected devices in your property; and

(iv) home environment (material construction of the building)



18.1     The Customer will indemnify Stix for any sums paid out, or for any losses relating to the following:

18.1.1    The Customer misusing the Services in any way described in the T&Cs.

18.1.2    Costs and expenses incurred for the purpose of remedying any breach by the Customer of the T&Cs, including (but not limited to) costs and expenses incurred for debt recovery and/or legal proceedings.

18.1.3   Any claims or legal proceedings which are threatened and/or brought by, or against Stix by another person in respect of defamation, breach of contract, fraud, breach of copyright or intellectual property which are attributable to the Customer’s use of the Service.

18.1.4   If the Customer uses the Service for business purposes, any claims or legal proceedings which are brought or threatened against Stix by another person because the Service is faulty, or cannot be used by them.



19.1      A person who is not a party to this Contract has no rights under The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of this Contract but this does not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available outside of that act.



20.1     Stix aims to resolve any complaints fully, fairly and within a reasonable timeframe.

20.2     If the Customer is unhappy with the Services and wishes to raise a complaint, this should be done using the following contact details:

Email:              hello@northernfibre.co.uk

Post:             Stix Internet Limited, Unit 4 Linfit Court, Colliers Way, Clayton West, Huddersfield, HD8 9WL

Where the contact details change, they will be updated on the Stix website.

20.3      Upon receipt of a complaint from a Customer, Stix will investigate the issues and send a response to the Customer addressing the points raised and where appropriate, setting out proposals for resolution.

20.4      If an agreement has not been reached within 8 week of Stix receiving the complaint, or Stix agrees in writing that the Customer may refer the complaint to independent adjudication before the end of the 8 week period (usually where a final response has been sent to the Customer but the matter remains deadlocked), the Customer may refer their complaint for independent consideration by the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS) at www.cisas.org.uk.  This service is free of charge.



21.1      This Contract is governed by the laws of England and Wales and Stix and the Customer submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.