Popular Misconceptions

Many people think they’ve already got fibre optic internet, when often what they actually have, is a copper wire running from their house to a fibre enabled cabinet (known as ‘FTTC’ or ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’).

FTTC gives greatly varied results and often unreliable connections, dependent on a few different factors; how far the cabinet is from your house, what condition the copper cable is in that runs from your house and often any joints or repairs on the cable can also affect things.

The variance FTTC delivers can be anything between 5-80Mbps download speed – a greatly varying service!

What is Full Fibre (FTTP)?

All the products that Northern Fibre supply are full fibre ‘FTTP’ (known as ‘Fibre to the Property’), which is distinctly different to FTTC.

Full Fibre FTTP gives you continuous fibre optic cable run all the way to your house. That means you get a continuous quality of connectivity, regardless of any external factors such as water, bad weather or poor quality joints. It is superior in every way. 

This means that you can have guaranteed speeds of up to one gigabit (1000Mbps).

What Benefit is Full Fibre (FTTP)?

Here are just some of the many benefits of FTTP gigabit fibre:

It brings highly reliable and stable internet to your home or business

It futureproofs your home with capability far in excess of normal current demands for day to day usage

It adds saleability to your property, as full fibre is more attractive to future buyers should you wish to sell